KIN SP (KINematic interaction analysis of Single Pile)

Description: Computer code to evaluate the envelope of kinematic bending moments due to the pile-soil interaction during a seismic event. The kinematic analysis is preceded by a seismic ground response analysis performed with ONDA. (Note: in this KIN SP distribution is already included the code ONDA. For a proper use of this software it is recommended to inspect both the user's manuals available on this website).

Descrizione: Software per il calcolo dell'inviluppo dei momenti flettenti cinematici generati dall'interazione palo-terreno durante un evento sismico. L'analisi di interazione cinematica del palo singolo è preceduta da un'analisi di risposta sismica locale effettuata con il codice di calcolo ONDA. (Nota: il codice KIN SP ha già incluso al suo interno il codice di ONDA, per un corretto utilizzo si invita l'utente a prendere visione di entrambi i manuali distribuiti su questa pagina)

If you use KIN SP v1.0 please cite as:

1) Stacul, S.; and Squeglia, N. (2018). KIN SP: a Boundary Element Method based code for single pile kinematic bending in layered soil. Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.jrmge.2017.11.004

2) Stacul, S.; Lo Presti, D.C.F.; and Squeglia, N., (2017). KIN SP (KINematic interaction analysis of Single Pile): KIN SP 1.0 User's Manual Version 1.0. doi: 10.13140/rg.2.2.15632.61444.

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You can use KIN SP v1.0 as well as the obtained results at the following conditions:
- recognise the authorship as indicated above;
- the codes can be used for research as well as for professional purposes or any other purpose. In any case, the responsibility of the obtained results is yours. The Authors decline any responsibility;
- you should mention any modification you have done to the original computer codes, if any. It should be clear that such modifications have been introduced without the consensus of the Authors;
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