CPT PaGE (Cone Penetration test analysis for Geotechnical Engineering)

Description: Interpretive software for CPT, CPTu, SCPTu tests (cone penetration test data interpretation, seismic cone data analysis, pile bearing capacity module, shallow foundation settlement module, dissipation test module, assessment of liquefaction potential index)

Descrizione: Software per l'interpretazione di prove penetrometriche statiche CPT, CPTu e di prove con cono sismico SCPTu (interpretazione di prove penetrometriche statiche, analisi dati prove con cono sismico, modulo calcolo capacità portante pali di fondazioni, modulo calcolo cedimenti fondazioni superficiali, modulo interpretazione prove di dissipazione, valutazione indice del potenziale di liquefazione)

If you use CPT PaGE please cite as:

Stacul, S.; Giusti, I; Lo Presti, D. (2017). CPT PaGE: User Manual - Interpretation and Use. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27360.17929/1

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You can use CPT PaGE as well as the obtained results at the following conditions:
- recognise the authorship as indicated above;
- the codes can be used for research as well as for professional purposes or any other purpose. In any case, the responsibility of the obtained results is yours. The Authors decline any responsibility;
- you should mention any modification you have done to the original computer codes, if any. It should be clear that such modifications have been introduced without the consensus of the Authors;
- you cannot claim the authorship after remixing the original material;
- you cannot apply terms and conditions to third parties.